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Swansea: Heaven and Hell

‘(Swansea) town is a dirty witch. You must hate or love her, and I both love her & hate her’. Edward Thomas (1914) – Swansea Village

Artists, Poets, Musicians & Performers take us through a journey in a world of absolutes, from pure enlightenment to the downright dirty and hellish. English World War 1 poet Edward Thomas loved Wales & he loved Swansea…both its good and bad.

‘…for scenery & climate (Swansea) excels the Gulf of Salerno or the Bay of Naples. – It is a sordid hag of a town!’

'Heaven & Hell' will be a multi-discipline cultural experience using every nook and cranny of Swansea's newest and coolest music venue – Creature Sound.

Time: 8pm – late

Free Event