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Pop-up life drawing: Drawing from Brangwyn

A series of Frank Brangwyn themed life drawing sessions, with a Swansea City centre twist!

Based on the Swansea Guildhall Frank Brangwyn Empire Panels, multiple models will pose costumed to create a narrative tableaux inspired by the paintings; holding a variety of one minute to one hour long poses. Whilst listening to details about the panels history and with a Swansea city centre backdrop, participants will be able to create their own interpretations of the work.

These special events are open to all, from complete novice to professional artist. There will be basic materials provided but please also feel free to bring along your preferred drawing materials. These events are untutored but there will be members of staff available for tips and guidance.

Please dress up warm, but if torrential rain our wet weather alternative will be inside Swansea Central Market.

Drawing from Brangwyn is coordinated by artist Lauren Heckler in association with life drawing elysium and the unveiling of the new elysium mobile art studio and gallery.

further info email: [email protected]

This event is a part of the Now the Hero series of fringe events under the banner of Now for More happening across Swansea.

Now the Hero uses Brangwyn's British Empire Panels as a springboard for exploring narratives of war, peacetime unity and harmony. The panels offer both an uncompromising vision of the colourful and optimistic possibilities of post war Empire and reveal the tragedy of war hidden behind the fecund and super abundant scenery.

Castle Square, Swansea

  • Sat 22nd Sept, 11am - 1pm
  • Sat 29th Sept, 10am - 12pm

Free Event