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Swansea based artists Philip Cheater, Kathryn Anne-Trussler, Amy Goldring, Tom Morris, Sophie Kumar-Taylor & Ann Jordan have created a series of artworks responding to the Brangwyn Hall Panels in Swansea. The Panels were commissioned in 1924 as a means of commemorating WW1 for the House of Lords. Brangwyn, who had worked as official War artist was selected to create a "decorative painting representing various Dominions and parts of the British Empire ". The work was completed in 1932, but the House of Lords rejected it and so Swansea housed the panels for its new Guildhall in 1934

Immersing themselves in the lush vegetation and varied habitats depicted in the panels and drawing inspiration from the Botanical Gardens this exhibition will run alongside a show of bigger works at the Swansea Grand Theatre.

Opening times: 10-4.30pm daily, Exhibition continues until 13 November

Artist talk: date TBA

Free Event