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Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press: Buoys Boys

British artist Fiona Banner Aka The Vanity Press explores the possibilities and limitations of written language; words and how they can fail us. She has had a continuing interest in war and the language that surrounds it. She often works under the moniker The Vanity Press, the experimental publishing imprint she founded in 1997.

In the film Buoys Boys, a series of massive inflatables in the form of full stops from various typefaces float above the sea. The film is set to a soundtrack which reimagines 1966 pop song Snoopy Vs The Red Baron, the nickname given to ace of aces, Manfred Von Richthofen, a German World War One fighter pilot infamous for the number of young men he killed in combat and for the delight he supposedly took in doing so.

Preview: 6 - 8pm
Opening times: Tues – Sat 11-5pm, exhibition continues until 10th November

Free Event